How the Black Titans name came to light is when me and a group of friends were literally just going to soca parties and having fun.

We always went as a group, so one day we all sat down and were just naming out which super hero reminds us of each individual in our group of friends.

The name titans came up and then low and behold Black Titans was born. We literally called ourselves Black Titans, because we are all super heros in our own right and each individual has their own unique style in the way they carry themselves.

Lets just say we are a band of misfits. Literally people were telling me to bring the brand to life and at first I wasn't really into the whole idea of the clothing world.

But I got inspired by one of my friend's brands and then I pretty much just said I will give it a try looks like fun rocking your own gear.

So then now here we are, The Black Titans Clan.